How to skip "pick an account prompt" while uploading a file to Teams SharePoint using UiPath custom SharePoint activities

Hi Radu @radu_bucur, i have updated with the latest version of the package and change the activity to “Upload Large Files” and it works. Already tested in Dev and will deploy to Prod environment. Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:


Hi Radu @radu_bucur,
We have a problem regarding the Activity ‘Upload Large File’, the problem is after using the ‘Upload Large File’ then we download the data again using the activity ‘Download file’, then the file we downloaded is corrupt when we open it.
Example :

  1. Using Activity ‘Upload Large File’ for file ‘X’  Success
  2. After upload, for the next day, our program will download the file (File X).
  3. Next day : Using Activity ‘Download file’ for file X  Download Success
  4. But, The file is corrupt when we open it.
    Please help, why this case happened, and what’s the troubleshoot ?
    Thank you before for your help & support :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Radu @radu_bucur, need your advice.
Thank you