How to skip pdf files in Directory of PDF Folder

i have 20 pdf files in Directory of PDF folder after success i move to pdf files in Proceed folder. but problem is while running bot if any PDF file got exception or error BOT stopping,
i want to go to next pdf file, if Any pdf file got error
how to do ?

Hi ,
Try to keep the move inside try catch and move the current file to Error folder if possible and Continue .

@Anand_Designer use exception handling. include a try catch block inside the loop.

i used try catch and also used move file. but here problem i am getting 9th PDF file error out of 20 pdf files. i want to skip and go to next pdf

Hi ,
If I run the file , the error file has been skipped and Executing the Rest of the files.

move.xaml (7.2 KB)

its working fine, it skipping file but extracted data not getting into excel. i am extracting data pdf to excel.