How to skip error message and continue a loop

Hi everyone,
Lets say I do a loop for the list of ID`s to find each ID in some application and do some actions (like clicking on already found ID for more details) after I have found it. When bot runs and it could not proceed because it can not find ID (so there is no ID to click on) “error” message occurs and bot stops. How to avoid stopping of bot running and proceed to the next ID in the list?

Hi @oredresser
If there are more items after the sequence to be handled even if that item fails. just set ContinuOnError to True.
If this is not the case and you want to stop the transaction include it into a try Catch and throw an (business) Exception to stop the flow from that point. Orchestrator will then continue to the next item.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


can plz share some examples any xml for more help us

there is one property in property panel right hand side. set the value of ContinueOnError to true.