How to skip current activity if file is not found

Dear all,

I am testing a thing that, i can check if the file exist or not but i dont know how to skip current activity if file is not found. Such as i have so many activities in main page, if Sequence 1 is not found Sequence 2 will start process, if Sequence 1 and 2 is not found, it will process sequence 3, etc

activities order
A1 file check 1
A2 file process 2
(if A1 can;t find it will process below)

activities order
B1 file check 1
B2 file process 2

Let me know any workaround for this case. thanks


@Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn Can you Explain the process in Detail as to what you want to do?
If we need to Skip Something based on a Condition, we generally use the If Condition to Check if the Condition Satisfies and then perform or do not perform tasks under it.

But Since you have already used the If Condition, I couldn’t get actually what was the Problem ?

Hi Punch,

What i mean is:


As you see in this image, in Split_Excel_DD-7128.xaml, there is file checking process which is downloaded by Navigate DD_7128.xaml. If file is not found, i need to skip this sequence and go to Navigate PO_WH_7128.xaml.

@Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn Just use Path Exists activity (It returns a boolean) followed by If activty with the boolean, put the sequence which you want skip in Else, leave Then with just log.

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Hi Sugumar,

I see, for Else, i need to some writeline or comment, if the condition meet else, it will automatically go to next activity. Let me test and reply back.

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@Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn Can you Show us What are you doing in Split_Excel Workflow?

you can check my testing xaml Split_Excel_DD_7128.xaml (37.6 KB)