How to skip clicking check box for specific rows in website based on condition & continue for remaining?

Hi, I have website extracted data in main excel file. Rows to be excluded in another excel. So compared 2 excels & taken excel data as input by deleting that rows.
For eg we have 16 rows in 1st page
1st row 7th row needs to be checked in website & click submit.
but 5th row is in excluded list & for 7th row index is getting wrong to checkmark.
like we have to do if we find row index greater than excluded row index we have to increment 1 How can we achieve this?

Hi @vnsatyasunil

Could you please share some screenshots for Reference ?

V Vasanth Kumar

can’t share due to security reasons.
I have extracted data in excel1,by filtering column(status=no)filtered data is stored in excel2.excluded rows list is stored in excel3.
If row index of excel1 =filtered data table row index then we are selecting check box
If row index of excel1=excel3 row index then we have to skip checking checkbox
Can you please help?

Please help anyone how to skip checkbox selection for dynamic rows?