How to skip bot schedule

Hi Team ,

Lets say I have input file that comes between 1 am to 5 am and I have scheduled bot for 1,3,5 am

if files comes at 1 am and bot triggers and find file is available then how can I skip next 2 schedule bots ? It should not trigger the 3 and 5 am bot ? is this passible ?


HI @pankajmohan.dhane

We can’t do like that. In this case to can add some condition to stop the robot in the Workflow.


okay will try that ! thanks

Hi @pankajmohan.dhane

You can use Asset for this set 0 and 1 and play on that.

Beginning of the process Set the Asset value as Zero.

Get the Asset value using Get Asset activity

Then Use If activity

GetAssetvariable = 0

Then β†’ Check the file is exist the folder

If it is exist do the process that you want and at last Update Asset value into 1 in the orchestrator by using Set Asset activity.

If the file is not exist just Asset remained the same

Else β†’ Nothing to do


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