How to skip a row in a for loop?

I have a scenario where I will need to loop through a data table which has some URL’s and upload some files if that URL is valid. If it has a UiElement namely “Employee Inactivated” then I need to skip that row and proceed to the next row. I am stuck here please help me out.


Use Continue activity in for loop


I have tried using continue activity. But its just stopping the execution and quitting the loop.


Could you please share me your workflow file ?

I can share, but I think the website only works within our company’s LAN.


I used continue activity and its working fine for me. Once try to debug the workflow and check.

How can I catch that particular UiElement when it appears and pass it into an if else statement?

You can use Exception handling for it Using Try catch.

How can I implement it?

hi @vivek_Chowdary

i’ll suggest you to take Element Exist activity just after you navigate to the specific URL, indicate that UIElement which shows “Employee Inactivated”
then, take if activity and pass Element Exist’s output variable in if condition.
Then part should be empty as you want to skip the loop to next url.
Else part should contain required process.


In try block, If UiElement = “Employee Inactivated” then use Throw activity to throw exception and in Catch block you can catch that exception.


Its not working out. Its just navigating to all the URL’s but not uploading any files inside them.

its not working.

continue is not at all working for me. Its just ending the loop.

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