How to sign up for Orchestrator Cloud update notifications

Hi All,
Is there a way to receive notifications of upcoming Orchestrator Cloud updates? I signed up for alerts in Orchestrator, but these alerts only send notifications of errors. I’d like to be notified of any upcoming Orchestrator updates done by UiPath. This is important because the scheduled jobs I have running in Orchestrator stop after an update and restart automaticaly only after I log into the Orchestrator. Knowing about upcoming updates would minimize these disruptions.

Hi @Yury_Voloshin ,
No there is no way to get a notification from orchestrator regarding new cloud updates.

Though you can get to know about it by being active in uipath forum or you might get it in the email account which you have used to sign up for UiPath.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

You can create an account on and subscribe to the needed release notes topic.


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