How to showcase UiPATH projects to larger stakeholders?

Hello Everyone,

can we use github to store and showcase our uipath projects to larger audience.

is there any other best practise, which can help us in the interview process.

thank you
peter S

Hi Peter,

One way is we can upload in Github and share the details.
More than that whatever projects you are doing, take a video and share the same through Youtube channel. It will give more visibility to the stakeholders.

Hi @Peter2

What we usually do is we record our automation solutions using screen recording software. Once the record is done, we dub in the voice explaining what’s happening with some background music to make it interesting. Just like some of UiPath videos… it’s one of the best ways to make a point in their brains and is the most effective :slight_smile:

If you want, you can also show snippets of the code in the video (but not a lot). This can be shown while running with highlight function on wo they can see how it runs…

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