How to show data by index (counter) from an array in apps without starting a process?

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Please edit your post and try to explain step-by-step in detail, what is the issue and what end result are you looking for.

Sure. So based on the drop down selections I have to show some steps one by one in the Log section.

Thank you in advance.

Just so we get a full picture - you would like to pre-fill your dropdown with some values and then use that dropdown as a condition for something else to appear?

@loginerror Yes, something like that its just the values that should appear are stored in a dictionary and upon pressing next button it must show an incremented value every time

Dictionary[ Dropdown1Value ][ Dropdown2 Value] [ Next/PreviousButtonCounterValue].

I’m trying to achieve all this by using only one process at the start of the application. Thanks in advance