How to show custom library dependencies in NuGet

I have made multiple custom libraries which are published to our orchestrator for developers in my company to use. A problem that we face with this is that there is no way to show the depenancies and their versions in NuGet, like any other package shows.

Is there anyway to get around this to have a custom Library package show its dependencies, just like any other package does.

This is what shows for any package not made by me

This is what shows for the custom library packages that I have developed in UiPath

If the custom library was built within UiPath (Project Type: Library, Publish) then it should be generated out of the box.

It did for us, have a look here:

in case of the nuget package comes from a custom build, then you can post edit with the help of nuget explorer:

Open the nuget package in NPE:

then edit dependencies:

we did it for our package and the dependencies are displayed: