How to share the Studio Process to client?

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I have worked on a process in the studio and I want to share it client so that he/she will run it using UiPath assistant but I don’t want to share the studio file to the client. I have added the process in the orchestrator but am unable to figure out what to do next. Any suggestions, please

To share a UiPath automation with a client without providing them with the Studio project file, you can publish the project to Orchestrator and then share it with the client. Here are the steps to do this:

Publish the Project to Orchestrator:

A. Click on the “Publish” button in the Studio ribbon.

B. Choose your Orchestrator instance from the list (you should be connected to Orchestrator).

C. Configure the publishing settings, such as the package version and release notes.

D. Click “Publish” to upload the package to Orchestrator.

Create a Process in Orchestrator:

a. Log in to your Orchestrator instance.

b. Go to the “Processes” section.

c. Click on “Create” to create a new process.

d. Give the process a name, and select the package you published in step 1.

e. Configure other settings like environment and robot(s).

Allocate the Process to the Client:

a. In Orchestrator, go to the “Environments” section.

b. Create an environment if you don’t already have one.

c. Add the robot(s) that the client will use to this environment.

d. Go back to the “Processes” section, edit the process you created, and assign it to the environment you just set up.

Provide Access to the Client:

a. In Orchestrator, go to the “Users” section.

b. Create a new user account for your client or invite them if they already have an Orchestrator account.

c. Assign the client to the robot(s) you set up earlier.

Client Access through UiPath Assistant:

a. Instruct your client to install UiPath Assistant on their machine if they haven’t already.

b. They can sign in using the credentials you provided in step 4.

c. They will see the process assigned to them in UiPath Assistant, and they can run it from there.


does this solution belong to the latest version of the orchestrator?

Yes :slight_smile: bro


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Hello @yeshwanth

  1. Publish the process to Orchestrator.
  2. Configure inputs and parameters in Orchestrator.
  3. Create a job for the client.
  4. Assign the job to the client’s Orchestrator account.
  5. The client can run the job using UiPath Assistant.
  6. Monitor and manage the process in Orchestrator as needed.

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can you elaborate more ?

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I Can’t see any environment section in Orchestrator

Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to view and manage environments. Orchestrator permissions are typically assigned by administrators, so contact them if you believe you should have access. @yeshwanth


You have almost done

Go to Orchestrator → in left of screen open Tenant → click on Packages tab → there search for package and click on three dots → Click View Version and this shows the recent version and there click on three dots and download package

It gets downloaded as a nuget package with extension .nupkg

Now u can share this .nupkg file to ur peer person

Cheers @yeshwanth

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  1. Publish the Process to Orchestrator:
  • In UiPath Studio, open the project you want to publish.
  • Click on the “Publish” button in UiPath Studio. This creates a package (a .nupkg file) of your automation project.
  • Log in to UiPath Orchestrator.
  • Navigate to the “Packages” page in Orchestrator.
  • Click on the “Upload Package” button and upload the .nupkg file.
  • Provide a name and version for the package and click “Save.”
  1. Configure Inputs and Parameters in Orchestrator:
  • Once the package is uploaded, click on it to configure inputs and parameters.
  • Go to the “Settings” tab, and you’ll see a section to configure input arguments and parameters.
  • Define the input values or parameters that the client can customize when running the job.
  1. Create a Job for the Client:
  • Navigate to the “Jobs” page in Orchestrator.
  • Click on the “Start Job” button.
  • Select the package you uploaded earlier.
  • Configure the input values or parameters for this specific job instance.
  • Click “Start.”
  1. Assign the Job to the Client’s Orchestrator Account:
  • Go to the “Jobs” page in Orchestrator.
  • Find the job you created for the client.
  • Click on the job, and you’ll see options to assign it.
  • Assign it to the client’s Orchestrator account by selecting their username or role.
  1. The Client Can Run the Job Using UiPath Assistant:
  • The client can log in to UiPath Assistant using their Orchestrator credentials.
  • They will see the assigned job in their task list.
  • By selecting the job, they can configure any input values or parameters that you’ve allowed them to modify.
  • They can run the job directly from UiPath Assistant.
  1. Monitor and Manage the Process in Orchestrator:
  • In Orchestrator, you can monitor the status and progress of the job.
  • You can view logs and reports generated by the job.
  • If necessary, you can stop or restart the job from Orchestrator.
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