How to share the Studio Process to client?

To share a UiPath automation with a client without providing them with the Studio project file, you can publish the project to Orchestrator and then share it with the client. Here are the steps to do this:

Publish the Project to Orchestrator:

A. Click on the “Publish” button in the Studio ribbon.

B. Choose your Orchestrator instance from the list (you should be connected to Orchestrator).

C. Configure the publishing settings, such as the package version and release notes.

D. Click “Publish” to upload the package to Orchestrator.

Create a Process in Orchestrator:

a. Log in to your Orchestrator instance.

b. Go to the “Processes” section.

c. Click on “Create” to create a new process.

d. Give the process a name, and select the package you published in step 1.

e. Configure other settings like environment and robot(s).

Allocate the Process to the Client:

a. In Orchestrator, go to the “Environments” section.

b. Create an environment if you don’t already have one.

c. Add the robot(s) that the client will use to this environment.

d. Go back to the “Processes” section, edit the process you created, and assign it to the environment you just set up.

Provide Access to the Client:

a. In Orchestrator, go to the “Users” section.

b. Create a new user account for your client or invite them if they already have an Orchestrator account.

c. Assign the client to the robot(s) you set up earlier.

Client Access through UiPath Assistant:

a. Instruct your client to install UiPath Assistant on their machine if they haven’t already.

b. They can sign in using the credentials you provided in step 4.

c. They will see the process assigned to them in UiPath Assistant, and they can run it from there.