How To Setup Insights Data Cube Build Alerts

How to setup Insights data cube build alerts?

Issue Description: How to setup Insights data cube build alerts?

Background: When managing Insights it can be helpful to use alerts to identify when a build has failed. If a build has failed, the data in the dashboard will not be refreshed with new data.

Setting Build Alerts

  1. The following can be done by an individual user or by the Insights admin.
  2. Go to https://<insights url>/app/settings
  3. Select 'Data Sources' under 'Data Management'
  4. On the top right screen, select 'Add Build Alert'
  5. Give the build alert a meaning full name.
  6. Typically alerts are wanted for 'Build failed' and 'Build succeeded after failure'
    • It is OK if a build fails as long as it recovers.
  7. Select which cubes to send alerts for.
  8. Select the middle persons tab
  • Assign the users who should receive the alert.
  1. For all users who the alert is assigned to, the alert will show up in the Pulse tab after going to https://<insights URL>/app/
  2. If emails have been configured, users assigned the alert will also be sent an email.