How To Setup HTTP Verb And HTTP Verbs Used In Orchestrator Website

How to setup HTTP verb and HTTP verbs used in Orchestrator website?


The <verbs> element specifies which HTTP verbs are allowed or denied to limit the type of HTTP requests that are allowed by the Web server.

When request filtering blocks an HTTP request because of a denied HTTP verb, IIS 7 will return an HTTP 404 error to the client and log the following HTTP status with a unique substatus that identifies the reason that the request was denied:

HTTP Substatus Description
404.6 Verb Denied

This substatus allows Web administrators to analyze their IIS logs and identify potential threats.

For setup please refer below Microsoft documentation:

Verbs Used in Orchestrator web application

<add verb="GET" allowed="true" />
<add verb="HEAD" allowed="true" />
<add verb="POST" allowed="true" />
<add verb="PUT" allowed="true" />
<add verb="PATCH" allowed="true" />
<add verb="DELETE" allowed="true" />

  1. DELETE can be allowed at the site level.
  2. PUT should be allowed for the following web services: configuration, queues.
  3. PUT should not be allowed at site level (it won't work)

Usage of verbs in Orchestrator

1) Delete queue, environment, robot, asset (verb DELETE)
2) Add a robot to an environment (verb PUT)
3) Publish from UiPath Studio (verbs PUT and DELETE for Deployment web service)