How To Setup Currency In "Cost Setup" Page In Automation Hub ?

How to setup "Currency" in "Cost Setup" page in Automation Hub ?

  1. "Cost Setup" page can be pulled by navigating to "Admin Console" --> "Platform Setup" --> "Cost Setup"
Initial view of the page before setting up currency -
  1. Only the "Account Owner" on the tenant can setup and change currency. No other users have access to setup or change currency including System Admins.
Default is "USD"
  1. Once the currency is set, any person having access to "Cost Setup" page can setup other items on the page. Below is the view of how the page looks like after currency is set -
  1. For changing the currency (only "Account Owner" can do that), click on existing currency and choose a different one from the drop down. A conversion rate needs to be entered to save the new currency.
  1. Google to check the conversion rate if it is unknown .