How to set up a modern folder

Hi. I’m studying orchestrator (on premise)
I have a question about creating a folder, so I want to ask.
How do I set up a modern folder and a classic folder when creating a folder?
I think there was a folder type setting in the previous version of the orchestrator, but I don’t know how to set it in version 21.4.

you can choose in the window by clicking new folder icon

i cannot find it :frowning:

Hi @Bobae_Lee

You will not be able to see this by default if your folder structures is already on modern type. However, if there are classic folders available in your orchestrator already which are not yet converted to modern type, you will see both options.

So for you, to be able to create classic folders, please go to Tenant-> Settings-> Activate Classic folders and then hit save.


Hi @Bobae_Lee,

Please check settings as per my above comment. Its not enabled for you currently.



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