How to set trigger after URL change or an opening of a new Tab

Hi People,

I want to build an event trigger for my attended bot based on the URL or the tab that get opened in the browser.
For example if the end User is surfing in the browser and the new tab is getting opened with a specific URL the attended Bot has to run and execute the forms.
I found only event trigger that require actions like click and shortcuts etc

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any solution?

I think one solution would be to associate your trigger even with an action that produces a new tab. In this case, it could be a click trigger with the selector of the new tab button.

Naturally, you would have to consider other ways to open a tab, such as a keyboard shortcut, or a right click menu to open a new tab from a link on the webpage.

Hi Maciej
Thank you for your answer but the problem is, that the tab get opened automatically in the End User Browsers.
Let’s say the end user receives a call then a new tab with an unique URL get automatically opened.
I want to trigger the robot whenever a new tab get opened.

Again the tabs are not opened through a click or any actions they are opened automatically.
that’s why I want to trigger the robot whenever a new URL comes.

thanks again for your help,

That will indeed complicate things a bit. Would it be possible to modify the part of your process that automatically opens the tab to also trigger the execution of the appropriate process (this is possible via a command line)? You could then trigger the process and await for the page to load to do further actions.

It will be complicated to implement it I think. since it needs a change in the entire workflow and this isn’t our team.

But if the robot is capable to always scan the current URL opened on the browser it might also work, because as I said the URL should be unique.
The URL of new entries has some spcial parameters that can help to identify and know that a new tab is opened.

For further workarounds (although I don’t know how efficient / reliable that would be):

  • if you could run a process that periodically checks for instances of your browser and the URL, you could have it run with some interval, but it wouldn’t be instant
  • if you can design a script for the windows machine that would detect new web browser processes and then log the URL from the browser to a text file (maybe it’s saved in the windows process data?), you could then monitor the target file for modifications
    (I don’t know however how easy that would be to achieve)

Hi Maciej
I would check the Idea about new process with a new URL.
Thank you so much for your help.
Best regards,