How to set tolerance value using Uipath

Hi i want set the tolerance value in UiPath.
e.g We have Taxable Amt=7860.70 , NonTaxable Amt= 2786.50 & Taxable Amt=7860.75 , Non Taxable Amt=27860.55
so i want check both taxable & Non Taxable value in two different document and compare the values with tolerance value of + 0.5 ,-0.5. if the values in between tolerance value then it is acceptable otherwise reject.
so how we can develop expression for this…

If X < (X + .5) AND X > (X - .5)

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Another method would be to take difference between the numbers and check if differenc eis less than 0.5

So math.abs(math.abs(x) - math.abs(y)) < 0.5

X being value from doc 1 and y being the value from doc 2


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