How to set this condition?

when the robot runs
AP (4.4 MB)

An incoming email with cc should not be save in the folder.
An incoming email without attachment should not be save in folder
An incoming email with wrong subject should also not be save in folder

Hi @Venusha_Sree

Are you getting any error? with the help of If/switch command you can do that this


no error but when the incoming email is with cc the attachment from the mail is save to the folder

Ok I am implementing your previous problem as well as this one. Sorry for delay now i have enough time

Hi @Venusha_Sree,
For point 2->check that email contains attachment → Item.Attachments.Any
For Point 1-> Get CC emails and check your email is match. if match then ignore otherwise download attachments.
To get cc emails contacts check below code.
ExtractCC.xaml (7.4 KB)
For 3rd its depend on your condition, here we can use split, contains ect

did you open the workflow that I attached?

@Venusha_Sree Yes I have open, To be honest it is lengthy, today I will try to go through it. and please check I have upload a code in your another thread.

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