How to set the text in datatable cloumn to be in red color as html to be attached in email body

Dear all,

Good day.

In my excel file, the color of text in the “ADDITIONAL INFO” column is red

But when i use the append line and paste the datatable in the email body, the color of the text is not in red.

Can anyone of you help or teach me how to set the htlm tag/code to get this result?


Hi @irene0227

Please use this package which gives the html string from excel with cell background color and text color…


thanks for your reply.

my input was the Data table results from the filterdatatable activity.

i have try to use the append line
String.Format(“{0}”, row(data.ColumnName).ToString)

the text will be in red.

but that will be applicable to all the column data.

So, i want to use If activity to check for column name if it is “ADDITIONAL INFO” then only make it to red color.

but i couldnt get the correct column name.

Can you pls help me on this?


instead you can use an excel vba macro for filter the data and put in another sheet with formatting and then use the package i posted earlier it will be much easier.



sorry to bother you again, but i didnt try or know how to use excel Vba macro.

i dont have any programming knowledge.

Even the current workflow to use the append line for the html tag i also get from others in the community forum.

i try many times and until now it can get the info but i need the format.

so dont have anyway to continue using my existing way to get the result i need?


@irene0227 please share any sample excel file and expected output so i can do something from my end …


Monitoring sheet.xls (75 KB)

i need to filter for the table to get those unprocessed data, referring to “TOMORROW REQUEST STATUS” column. (1st data table)
and then from those unprocessed data, check for column " DELIVERY DATE" which is equal to next working day. (2nd data table)

from 2nd data table, keep for some of the column only.

and then for “ADDITIONAL INFO” column must be in red color for text.

Hope above clarifies.