How to set the password for ’Send SMTP Mail Message’?

Hello, dear?

I have a problem while creating an RPA project and ask for help.

I’m creating a project to send mail through Send SMTP Mail Activity.
I want to save my mail address and password to the orchestrator in the form of an Credential Asset, and bring this stored value to SMTP Mail Activity, but it continues to fail.

What’s the problem?

Asset Name : “Google_Credential”
E-mail : out_Username (String)
Password : out_password (SecureString)

Please help me.

hello @sphencer

can you try to send the mail without password.

if not working can please convert it into string type from secure string and then pass it into smtp.

to convert secure string to a string :
strPassword =
new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, out_Password).Password


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Dear @Ajju ~!!!

Really Thank you, dear! :heart_eyes:
I fix it thanks to your help~!!!

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@sphencer welcome…have a great development :slight_smile:

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