How to set the page limit in data scraper?

I need to scrap multiple data with multiple pages,In which I need to limit the number of page to 10 .How can I do that in an effecient way where it should traverse through all the fields upto 10 pages in each field.
for example : Assume that I need to fetch all the products related to mobile phone in flipkart .I need to fetch all the data from each field and i need to limit the page by 20 ,ideally i should only check for 20 pages rather than fetching all the 20+ pages. what the best and suitable solution for this case ??

@Sai_Krishnan .

Run it in a do while loop for counter < totalpages

In the Extractdata activity , give the below selector

ā€œIphone- Buy Products Online at Best Price in India - All Categories | Flipkart.comā€ + counter.tostring

Let me know , if this helps.

Thanks @MinalGupta , Iā€™ll try and let you know.

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