How to set the Microsoft Word Document's built-in properties?

Hi Communities,

I have an question on how to set the Microsoft Word Document’s built-in properties?

I found that on C#, we can do it per below. but on UiPath Studio, there is no either activity or object could to it. please advise.
Microsoft.Office.Core.DocumentProperties properties;

properties = (Microsoft.Office.Core.DocumentProperties)

Did we try with invoke code activity


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Hi @mita29

Check this link -

You can run .net or C# code to perform this.

Hi @Palaniyappan

Yes, Thank you for your reply. I just imagine that would be nice to do it on process activity rather than call outside code.

Yeah we can execute the peace of code inside uipath with Invoke code activity

Some of the features or configuration cant be directly handled with Uipath activities but still can be done with UI Ineraction
Though it can be done with UI interaction it takes more time when compared to INVOKE CODE which takes just matter of seconds
That’s why uipath came with code invoking inside studio itself


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