How to set the limit of log data size generated by Orchestrator


We’re using the Orchestrator and 2 robots now, but since we don’t know how to set the limit log data size generated by it, our SQL server drive is fully occupied by the data.

Could anyone please tell me how to set the limit on the Orchestrator panel?

Or if the Orchestraror doesn’t have such functionality, then how should we avoid above situation?


You can change the logging from the Orchestrator web.config file to not store the logs in the database. Additionally, please remove the excess log messages from the Orchestrator database.

Hi, @Jagdish2593,

Thank you for your prompt reply!

Means, the Orchestrator itself doesn’t have logging limitation function, does it?

Then, I’ll edit web.config file for our purpose and erase the useless log messages.


I’d recommend that you use ElasticSearch and Kibana if you need to store historical data as it does not affect the Orchestrator database and you can segregate the logs in a better way.

Hi @Jagdish2593,

Thanks for your information!

I’ll study using them.