How to set the default field type of ExtractDataTable

When I use UiPath.Core.Activities.ExtractData to grab the table data of the page. It returns an ExtractDataTable by default.

Then in my page table data, there is a string order number, which has a long number of digits.
When using the above control, the string is converted to a number, resulting in a loss of precision.

So how can I set the default field type of ExtractDataTable to string?

@kkkoko, Can you show me the view of the dataTable which you have captured ?


ExtractDataTable will give output as DataTable only and we can’t change this type to any other type.

If you want to convert it to string then use Output DataTable activity to convert DataTable into String.

The ExtractMetadata is

And the data picture is image [图片]

The is ExtractMetadata <extract-table get_columns_name='1' get_empty_columns='1' />