How to set protection to excel file

Hello everyone, I am using Studio version 18.4.6 and I am looking for solution to Excel file protection. I do not see any activity to set password to an excel file. Please help.


You need to set it in excel with the option shown in the above image.
And in Excel Application Scope you need to pass the password to edit.

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Hello Anjani,

I had the same issue and the solution I came up with was to create a VBA script and call it:
Excel_ProtectSheet.xaml (6.7 KB)
ProtectSheet.txt (123 Bytes)

Unfortunately the .vbs filetype was not allowed to be uploaded, so change the .txt to .vbs and you should be good to go.

@anjankum Please go to manage packages , click on GO on the left pane. Search for PasswordProtection.Activities

This activity helps in creating password protected excel files

Please mark as solution if above suggestion fixed your issue

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