How to set or replace "check app state" so the studiox knows when to continue

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Please see the example first:


This is a list of options that I need to choose. They are “disabled” and they become active when I uncheck the “all” button. The problem is there is a random delay between unchecking “all” and these options become active meaning that I need to make it so that studiox know when these items become “active”.

How do I set this? I tried to use check app state (image exist/element exist) however it does not work the automation continues even if these are unactive.


This is how it looks when the element is “active”

(sorry I had to blur the options however there is just a list of options to choose)

Hey @marcin.chowaniec ,

You can use the Get Attribute activity to check if that particular check box is checked or not.
Have a look at this thread, it may help you How to find which checkbox is checked



Indicate the elements in ui explorer when they are active and when they are not active and find the difference in selector and use that specific selector for active in the check app state activity


There is a delay between this box becomes “unchecked” and the items become active so it won’t help.

The delay what you are talking about is random delay or some static delay.

It is a random delay thats why I can’t just use “delay”, I need the studioX to know that this has become enabled now and it can continue.

You have to use the Check App State activity and give the maximum Default timeout, if the element value will be changed before the timeout, the code will continue else you can throw an exception.


Sorry I’m only a begginer at it sounds like a magic to me at the moment.

I did but the thing is that it seems that StudioX still doesn’t see that the element became “active”.


:slight_smile: Open ui explorer…indicate the element first when it is greyed out…and then check the right top and bottom left menu values…repeat same when it is enabled and check if there are any differences


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“aastate” it is different for each (disabled and enabled). How do I set check app state so it knows that I mean this value?


I believe you found it in right bottom

so please do like this

<Webctrl tag='xx' ........ aastate='value you see' />

Basically whatever selector you have add aastate like this and validate it when enabled it should be validated and validate again when disabled it should be failing the validation

Hope this helps


I don’t understand! :frowning: Where do I do that? I’m using the StudioX, I changed to Studio for UI Explorer.


In ui explorer… in the centre bottom window…you would have the selector coming up…in that selector you have to add the aastate as well and use that selector in your check appstate…from propwrties of check appstate you can edit selectors



How do I use this selector in the check appstate? I can only indicate an element on screen. I’m using the StudioX

Thank you very much:)


Even in studiox you can


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When I try to add: <webctrl tag=‘xx’ … aastate=‘disabled’ />

I get the error: The selector is not valid, any ideas?


xx and dots are for illustration purpose…the intention was to add the aastate to the list line present in you selector


Sorry, I actually don’t know much about the IT. This is beyond me. Thanks for your help anyway I will will try other solution!

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Just to let you know, I MANAGED TO FIGURE IT OUT! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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