How to set log purge/ log clean up in Orchestrator

How to set log purge/ log clean up in Orchestrator?

Hello Sanya,

We don’t have the possibility to purge/clean the logs from the Orchestrator UI. If you want to delete them you have to do it from the SQL database. We are considering an option to have an automatic purge option in settings after X day (x being configurable). For the next release we will provide some maintenance scripts that will enable customers to move items from the DB into another DB.

Thank you for your feedback.
Alex F.

Hi Alex,

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but can’t seem to find an answer to this. Was the “Automatic Purge” option ever implemented?



Same question/need here !


The option to purge logs should be no brainer - especially while thinking of GDPR…

The purge option after X days should preferably be configured so that it can be set based on each process/job. You might have one process that needs to purge logs ever so often and others that needs the logs to be persistent for a longer time. So you can’t have a option to delete all logs after X days, no matter what process they come from.

Likewise, a option to delete/edit single lines in a log, should be implemented too - also based on GDPR needs…

Meantime, you can store your logs into elasticsearch (it’s free) and delete old logs from sql database Maintenance Considerations