How to set forceful time-out

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While Orchestrator runs some tasks at midnight, it gets stuck (sometimes due to unexpected unstable network). A robot tries to keep running, but being stuck until the next morning. Since one task is stuck, all the subsequent tasks are not executed until I manually stop the “running-but-stuck” task. (We assign only 1 Unattended intentionally)

Would it be possible to set general time-out to all activities at once in Studio or set time-out to each package in Orchestrator?

Thanks for your advice in advance!

Hi @u2018dem0528

While scheduling the jobs in orchestrator you have the option to stop job after some specific time say after 3 hours the job will get stopped.

Use stop if you have should Stop activity in the workflow, otherwise use kill.


Hi @u2018dem0528

Add to a config details like short timeout and Long timeout and pass it over all the activities in Time Out milliseconds Properties so that it may be dynamic!


Thank you so much for this prompt reply. Finally got to know how this option can be used.

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Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, some of packages are not on any framework, as they are kind of simple. For tasks on frameworks, I will apply this.

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