How to set focus on main windows after another window pops up

How to move child window and come back parent window with please give me screen shot

Hi @KKG,

“How to move child window and come back parent window with please give me screen shot”

→ Can you elaborate and share what u have tried on this…

You can use activate activity to activate any window on screen.

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Suppose i ma performing some action in webpage, In same page when i click one button open another pop up window. So i want to perform on pop up window again come back main window.

Hi @KKG,

Well in that case, suppose u have 2 windows ,
→ Win1 - Main Windows which u r working on
→ Win2 - Popup Windows which comes up when u click on a certain button on Window1.

So, when u click the Button on Win1 , a new window Win2 pops up, do all the required actions that u want to carry out on the Win2 and use “Click” Activity and click on Close Button (red Cross on Top Right of Window) of the Second Window .

Now u r already on the main window.

But :slight_smile: I don’t understand why do u want to move the Child and Parent Window as it makes no difference.
The BOT will still be able to perform all the operations without any fault.

Just make sure “Simulate Click/Type” is checked in Properties Pane of the Activities that you have in ur workflow.

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Hi @KKG,

I would suggest you to to use ‘Attach browser’ and ‘Attach window’ activities to perform actions on specific browser page or window.



Hi prassin6,
When i clicking red coted button, displaying this pop up window. So i want to perform some action again come back in main window. First of all you tell me which activity required for this scenario. If you explain with screen shot then better.

any update on the above scenerio?

There is also an Activate activity that should bring the window to the foreground :slight_smile:

@KKG You can use attach window activity

Hi all,

I have used the attach window activity. But the thing is I am running a loop process with Type Into activity. When the bot click on button for example “View” on the 1st window, it will open a popup window (note: the popup window take about 2-3 secs before it appear) and should go back to 1st window to perform another type.

I setup the bot to loop the process about 30 times. The problem is sometimes the popup window appear during the time the bot is typing and it caused no input is typed in the 1st window.

I have tried using the DelayAfter in the properties of the “View” button but it works for first few loop but then it happened again.

Can the Type Into activity being performed without an active window? Meaning let say the 1st window is minimized/background, the bot will still perform the type. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yes, you should look into these properties of the Type Into activity:

I know this answer is late but you can use the “On Element Vanish” activity on the small window and start typing on the main window only after the small one vanishes. Hope that helps.