How to set direct on click image

Hello everyone!

I need click on a down image, but I selected down image, but on the running application, the Uipath click on the first image.

U can help me?



Hi @arthurfsantos11,
Need more details on this issue, Please tell us where do you want to click on above image?


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Hello !

I need click on the magnifying glass.

This image have two magnifying glass, the first above and the second below.

I need click on the below magnifying glass, but the UiPath click on the above.

On Studio, I used the command “Click image” and selected the below magnifying glass.

Hi @arthurfsantos11

This is a problem of selector can you share it here?

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I can select, but if I select below icon, the UiPath click on the above icon.

I think selector of “Click Image” need to be fine tuned. Please share the selector of second magnifying glass.