How to set Default Account for O365 activity?


Is there a way to set a Default Account to use with a “Use Outlook 365” activity in StudioX? I have developed an automation that currently uses my email address as the Account. I’d like to share this automation with several other people on my team, and if possible would like the account to be populated with the email address of the user currently logged into the machine/running the bot. Is this possible?

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Of course it’s possible. Keep the Input account and From account fields value as blank. If do so then it will take default user account configured in Outlook.

Thank you, but I don’t seem to have the ability to leave the Account field blank when using O365. I’m not able to clear out the existing account nor am I able to run the process if I use a new activity unless I populate the Account field. I’m using StudioX 2020.10.2


Thank you for your time.