How to set deadline to queue item for today

I want to set deadline to queue item for today

I want to process today queue item in next bot can not pick previous day’s items.

I have set in deadline
But this shows as new.

Your question quite not understandable @Anil_Potekar

You are adding the queue item with a dead line and that added queue will always in the status New


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Yes, the scenario is I want to process item only that day if pending this item don’t want to process in next day.

Dead line will not work for your demand. You could create reference when creating the queue as today.toString(“yyMMdd”) and then in get transaction data take transactions that reference starts with that reference.

You could also delete all the new transactions that not starts with this reference. Probably you should use some API call for this one.

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Then how work deadline in add queue item.

Items with deadline has priority. It will be processed first, before other items without deadline. Item with deadline and priority low will be processed before item with priority high and no deadline.

More details:

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