How to set configure troubleshooting session time limit to unlimited?

need guidance.

Hi @Fahad_Masood,

I did not have such a need, but giving it high value will make it unlimited anyway.


Dear Muhammed,
we actually needed to make it unlimited because my uipath assistant shows connected licensed without sign in and when i sign in it shows the yellow light with the message of orchestrator connected, unable to retrieve license and when i sign out it goes back to connected, licensed. and the reason it shows connected licensed it because i enable configure troubleshoot session. Is there a way where i can sign in and get connected licensed directly from uipath assistant so i don’t need to enable configure troubleshoot session.

Hello @Fahad_Masood Trouble shooting session will help others to access the process in your account for the debugging. I think maximum is 2367 minutes. After that it will get auto disable

Did you tried connecting to orchestrator via uipath assistant and without enabling this feature you are not able to run the process?

Dear Rahaul,
I tried to use it without enabling it and tried to sign in via uipath assistant but when i sign in it shows the yellow light and when i sign out it automatically get to green light with a message of licensed connected which is why i have to enable it first from the orchestrator so i want to how can i avoid this situation and get my licensed connected direclty from uipath assistant.

@Fahad_Masood Did you create the machine in Orchestrator and configured it in assistant using the machine key and then made the connection in uipath assitant?

Dear Rahul,
i did created a machine and configured it as well. actually we are using windows server 2019 ad created 4 different user using the same machine. now the thing is we added the 4 robots of that using the same machine key and all of them is connected, licensed but the common denominator is the same when i sign in from uipath assistant it show the yellow light and it shows green light when i sign out.