How to set auto time out for studio disconnect form Orchestrator to release the development license?

is possible to set the robot (agent ) to auto disconnect from orchestrator ?

because we only have one Development Concurrent licenses for studio .


Hi @Sin_Peow_Ng,
There’s no such possibility but you can disconnect robot from orchestrator using command.

UiRobot.exe --disconnect

but the issues is we cannot go to the end user location (or remote in) to run this command at the client :joy:

anyway thanks for the suggestion

Well if robot located on user’s computer is connecting to the Orchestrator then it must be a way to connect to his computer and disconnect the robot. You could even publish workflow on orchestrator with a command to disconnect robot :smiley:

can you explain more about this ? do you mean we can send command from orchestrator server to client disconnect the robot ?

Sorry for misunderstanding. I realized that you talking about development robot for which this will not work.
There is a way to disable/enable machine/robot from orchestrator but only for Unattended NonProduction-purposed machines:

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thanks for the reply , will open support ticket to uipath to check on it .

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Update: replied from the uipath support.

1. is possible to set the robot (agent ) to auto disconnect studio from orchestrator?

2. are we able to check from orchestrator about the inactive time for the studio connect to orchestrator ?
No, we will not be able to track the inactive timings of the studio connected to orchestrator.

3. can manually from orchestrator force the studio disconnect from the orchestrator ?
-No. It can be done from robot side only.