How to set Argument

Hi all…
I think I have a problem with setting a variable.
But I’m not sure.
I would like to refine a bot I made some time ago.
The BOT connects to a SITE (cloud) and backs up the data present.
The data can be either on the main page, or contained within sub-folders.

Currently, my bot enters the site, and scrapes the Total List… (folders name + files name)
I write on Excel the table, sheet QuadList.

Then… With the “filter table” function I define what is folder and what is file.
I create two sheets.
One contains the list of FILES present in the home of the site.
the other, the Sheet FOLDER, contains the list of the names of the FOLDERS present on the site.
Inside each FOLDER, there is a list of files, to be backed up.

So, I invoked a flow, which goes into each FOLDER, scrapes the list, and writes it to a specific Sheet.

What’s up:
This folder, of course, is overwritten with the files that are found in each folders.
The flow works. The file is overwritten and everything works fine.

What I would like: Keep a history of folders and their files divided on specific and separate Sheets.

What I did: I introduced a command that creates a sheet, with the folder name, found in the sheet FOLDER.

I get what I want.
In the Sheet FOLDER, there is only one folder found on the site.
The BOT creates the relative sheet.

At this point, the invoked flow starts.
And it scrapes the files in the folder.

I can’t write these files in the relative folder!
That is, the files found inside the “Digital Program” folder must be written inside the “Digital Program” Sheet.

Perhaps the problem is only in the setting of the argument.
I tried to set IN / OUT as “string” argument but it doesn’t work.

The Error:
I try to send my flow … (1,4 MB)


Can someone help me?
I think it’s just a problem of setting the Argument…
but i need some help.

Hi @AaronMark,

Your are trying to grab files names in the folder right??
If yes then you have to use type Array{String} == String not just String.

Hi Vish,
I’m not sure I understand.
Should I create a variable like Array Of String?



I try to explain with pictures.
In the Cloud Home, there are both files and folders.
The bot must back up new files, or those that have undergone a change.

All this already works.
But the bot at the moment, goes into each folder, scrapes the files, writes them to an excel sheet, and when it enters the second folder, it overwrites the list, in the same excel sheet.

With the change I introduced, I created an excel sheet, with the same name as the folder on the cloud.


on excel: image

What I want to do is the scraping of the FILES present in the folder in question, and write them inside the homonymous sheet.

to do this, I thought the command was enough:

but it does not work.
I forgot … I don’t have much experience with UiPath … sorry… :frowning: