How to set an alert for when a machine is unresponsive

I’m having an issue where I have an unattended bot set to trigger daily. However, it is on a machine that I do not monitor daily. After a Windows update, the machine becomes unresponsive and the job doesn’t trigger correctly. I am not getting any alerts that this happens, and cannot figure out how to create an alert to let me know when it does. Ideally, the orchestrator will send me an email alert letting me know that a machine has become unresponsive or a scheduled trigger didn’t start (because the machine is unresponsive). Has anyone else run into this issue?

Hello @sweetduder

can you please refer the below post.

Yes, I’ve read all the documentation regarding email alerts and setting them up. My issue is that there are no alerts occurring when the machine becomes unresponsive. When I check the alerts for the last 30 days, they are empty.