How to set a task to run on repeat and export to consecutive notebook cells, i.e. A1, A2, A3 etc

Hi, Please help if you can. My first RPA project is to scrape text from a webage that has a column of adverts (not tabled) I want to capture each company name from each listing (text, not images). I have built the GetText element and send to A1 cell in Notebook then its configured to refresh the webpage which brings a new listing in the same place. So I want to loop the automation to take the next company name, and update A2, next company name, update A3 etc

Can anyone help guide a beginner?



Hi @Jack_Kugler

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Try with datatscrapping to scrape all company names and put it as datatable in excel

It will finish ur task at once

Hope it helps


Nived N :robot:

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HI Nived thank you for your reply

The listings are updated daily so I want the automation to run each day, is there a way to teach zones to lift the data from as it’s always in the same spot?

Hi @Jack_Kugler

U can schedule the job as per ur requirements