How to set a date format of a date picker control (dd/MM/yyyy) in UiPath App Studio?

Hi, is there a way to set the format of a date picker (dd/MM/yyyy)? I try to choose the date in a date selector and that with the Value Binding send the date with a format set as an argument to the process that triggers the application; but I couldn’t find a way for the date selected in the Date Picker to give me a format that I define (for example dd/MM/yyyy).

Currently the date picker sends me the date value in the format MM/dd/yyyy hh/mm/ss,
although visually it only has the format M/d/yyyy


Same issue here. Impossible to set date format to french (fr-fr).

Hi… I don’t think that specifying the date format in the App is currently possible.


We won’t be able to define that in front end with UiPath Apps
But still the inout value can be fetched through arguments, passing that to UiPath workflow and change the format we need

Cheers @fahuet

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