How to set a condition for status completed under action in orchestrator

Hi Devs, I am assigning an invoice to self in action category in orchestrator but will like to set a condition in uipath studio to check if the status changed to completed but got stuck, please any yclue on how to do that. Regards!

Hey @stanstilo
Can you explain what you refer by status changed here?

Are you referring to the mechanism that is used to wait and resume the process once the action is completed by the user?

So basically, after the bot waits and validates the document the status changes to completed as shown above, Is there any way I can write a condition that will check if the status here changed to completed then perform an activity if pending do nothing.

Hi @stanstilo

For your problem, you have two solution, One this Image based and one this "Get attribute "


  1. Use Image appear activity and capture the image from website. If condition is true then perform next activity

Use get Attribute activity to get the aaname . it will return "Completed or pending status " based on the put one if condition below …if aaname if completed then proceed next process


which other activity can I use in place of get attribute activity cos I want to get an ID and it usually changes it’s not static