How to separate the only positive or only negative values from an excel

Hello guys,

I have a question.

Demo_Code_13042022.xlsx (9.0 KB)

In this attached file, I have to separate the values where the “party name” contains only positive value or only negative value and write the corresponding code and party name for those values in a separate excel sheet.

Please, help me.

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Nirmalya Sarkar

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar ,

You Could try using Filter Datatable Activity to Filter Only Positive/Negative as below :

This is in Asumption that you have Read the Excel Sheet as a Datatable. You could Provide Different Datatable variable as the Output.

@supermanPunch ,

My question is little bit different.

Please check the excel and you can see one party name contains both positive and negative value .

I have to keep it as it is.

Only the party name which contains positive or negative I have to separate those.

Thanks & Regards
Nirmalya Sarkar


@nirmalya.sarkar If the Party Name need not be included as Negative/Postive, It would mean that we know this party name before hand and we can use this as an additional filter.

In your case, it is the value "BK". We can modify the Filter Datatable like below :

try to filter by party name first then take positive or negative by your value
you can use “AND” for multiple filter