How to separate text data into new lines and arrange accordingly in excel columns with separators & string manipulations?

Please guide if anyone knows?

@SUPRIYA123 can u show sample input and expected output?

Hi @SUPRIYA123, if you want to make a new line while you are writting text in any file, use: VbCrLf

Just like:
stringVar = “Hi, this is a sample”+VbCrLf+“Now. i’m in the second line”+VbCrLf+“And now im in the third”

To arrange de data in excel columns you will need to split the string values and save them into variables. So after that, you will be able to put the part of the string that you want in the cell of the excel file that you want.


Ok sure.
PDF Input
pdf sample2 (1).pdf (12.9 KB)

Excel output

pdf data.xlsx (6.9 KB)

Can you share any example?

HI, Did this get a solution? I am needing the same solution