How to send today's date excel file through send outlook

my bot create one excel file everyday with todays date and i want to send only todays date file through the outlook
can anyone help me for this

Hi @kailas_jadhav

Try this Below Expression

  1. Use Assign Activity
    FileVariable = Directory.Getfiles("Your File Path","You FileName_"+DateTime.Now.Tostring("You Date Format")+".xlsx")

FileVariable = System.String

  1. Send Outlook Activity
    Attachment → FileVariable(0)


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Dear sir,
i don’t want to create new file
the excel file with todays date is already created
i just want to send todays date file through send outlook

I just ask you to assign a New Variable Called FileVariable.

Note: The Expression is not to create an Excel file @kailas_jadhav

You need to give Existing File Name here!!


okay sir

Thanks sir
it’s working

but sir one problem is there when bot run it run non stop and send one single file with multiple time

Hi @kailas_jadhav

You are using inside For Each Activity. So only it is looping So many Time. You can try without looping the condition or Outside the For Each Acivity


No sir…
i am not uisng loop

Can you share the XAML file @kailas_jadhav

yes sir

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