How to send the Reports to concern person after generating it?

Hi folks,

I have a question, how can i send the test results to my manager, immediately after generating the report. please can someone help…

Hi @srinivas_siddam

You can use any of the following activities to send the report through email:

Send SMTP Mail Message
Send Outlook Mail Message
Send Exchange Mail Message
Send IBM Notes Mail Message

Download Uipath.Mail.Activities package to use these activities.

check the below thread to configure the properties for Send outlook mail message:


@Rajeswari24 Thanks for the response,

Executing the Process—> It Should generate a Report—> Then without any human activity or flow breaks i need to send it across in Orgnization. This is my question actually, who can i do it ?

@srinivas_siddam With the help of any of the above mentioned activities you do not require any human activity and you do not need to break your flow. You can configure say “Send outlook mail message” activity to send the mail to a single person or group of people or you can send it to a DL also. This activity also contains “Attach Files” section where you can attach the generated report in your case.

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@Rajeswari24 yeah, Thanks.