How to send outlook mail with voting buttons?

Hello ,

I want to send an outlook email with voting buttons in it ?
I tried Microsoft.Office.Interop . Its showing me error.
I had imported all the namespaces too.
Can anyone help me with this or share any (.msg)file which they have.
I want the receiver to respond to this email with voting buttons to proceed ahead based on that.



check below for your reference

Hope this will help you

as this is in C# you can convert that in VB.Net and check


@Srini84 Can you show how to use this in a UiPath workflow? I am very new to UiPath and don’t know how to incorporate your code to get UiPath to send an email with voting buttons.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @kasey.betts

Look in to the thread from your post


@Gokul001 I think the Invoke code method in this thread might work but I am having some issues. I followed all the steps in the post but am getting a lot of compiler errors in the Invoke Code activity. I am waiting for a reply from the writer of the post but if you know how to help in the meantime that would be awesome.

Below is what I have written in the Invoke code activity

Hi @kasey.betts

Have you Import the namespace → Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook


Hi did you got the solution I need same can you help