How to send outlook email to particular person with particular attachment

Dear all,

Good day,

I have a lot of invoice placed in the folder and a list of email ID.

I want to send the particular invoice with a specific file name/ criteria to the respective email ID in the list.

How should i design the workflow to do so?

Kindly assist.

Thank you

Hi @irene0227

You can read List of Email IDs and Invoice Numbers from a excel file,

Then Get invoices placed in the folder and Use Send Outlook Activity to send Email.

Please find the attached workflow for your reference.
InvoiceEmailing.xaml (29.5 KB) Invoice_input.xlsx (8.9 KB)


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@Latika10011740 Thanks for your reply.

But i was unable to open your project file.


This is the version of studio I am using.

thanks. i am using 2018.4.4

that’s why i cannot open your file.

Is ok thanks.

Hi @irene0227 put the main.xaml file provided by @Latika10011740 in any workflow folder and open it inside it it will works

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Thanks a lot, yes, now i am able to open the workflow.