How To Send Orchestrator Notifications To Zapier Using Webhook

How to send Orchestrator notifications to Zapier using Webhook?

Scenario: Use Zapier to receive notification from Orchestrator Webhook. Zapier is a web-based application, which can integrate many different applications (Example: Evernote, Slack, Google Drive). In Zapier, a single workflow is called Zap.

Create a Zap to integrate UiPath Orchestrator Webhook and Gmail. Zapier will subscribe to Orchestrator notification for Job Start and Complete. Once, Job starts or completes, Orchestrator webhook will send a notification to registered Zapier URL. Zapier will receive data and process the data and send formatted data to configured Gmail.

Step by step guide:

  1. Create a Zapier URL, to subscribe to Orchestrator Events (Job Start and Job Complete)

  1. Create a Zap and Search for "webhook"

  1. Select Catch Hook and Save


  1. Copy the Zapier URL:


  1. Configure that URL to Orchestrator Webhook and subscribe to the required events

  • Configure the Zapier URL to receive notification and register for the Orchestrator Events:


  1. Connect Gmail to Webhook and Format received notifications

  1. Connect Gmail to Webhook:

  1. Configure Gmail:

  1. Select a Gmail Account:

  1. Create Subject and Body Template:

  1. Click on Finish

Now Zap is ready to receive notification from Orchestrator and send the formatted data to configured Gmail.