How to send message direct 1:1 in MS team auto?

If I have file excel , I want to auto send message in Microsoft team by receiver (column A)and message Please inform + column B + column C.

Please guide me about it.



Hi @fairymemay ,

For what you want there are 2 alternatives you can take:

  1. you can work with the Teams activities , steps here would be:
    a) install package Uipath.MicrosoftTeams.Activities ( check Microsoft Teams Scope for details on how to configure)
    b) read range to get the data from the excel input file
    c) use activity “Get chats” within the Microsoft Teams Scope to get all existing chats and check what you can use to identify the chats belonging to the users from the excel file
    d) loop through the datatable resulted from reading the excel file and use activity “Send message” to send a message to the identified chat - text being columns b and c

  2. Using the UI of Microsoft Teams - for this alternative, the disadvantage is slower execution time
    a) read range to get data from excel file
    b) loop through resulting datatable
    c) for each row input the content of column 1 in search field on the top of MS Teams interface folowed by enter
    d) click People tab on the left side
    e) click on the person that was found
    f) type into the chat field the message composed from columns 2 and 3 and enter

Depending on your technical skills, the second one might be easier to implement. Just in case, I have sketched out a sequence for you - see this file teams.xaml (17.0 KB)
Don’t try to run it as is - you have to change the properties to fit your file/column names/application selectors.

Hope it helps.