How to send mails to dynamic mail recipients

HI ,

Im a beginner for UI path .can anyone help with email automation , where I can send mails with an attachment to the recipients (i.e , TO and CC).

Details : I’m having an excel file with three columns .

column 1 : countries
coulmn 2 : TO recipient (email ID)
column 3 : CC recepient (email ID)

Now I have to send mails to the persons depending on the country

could you please let me know how it is done .

Thanks !



Refer this xaml (8.3 KB)

Replace the column names in the sample sheet and xaml according to your actual input sheet.

Thank you @ranjith,

I will work on it and let you know if i have any hurdles with the same .

Thank you for the prompt response .

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Hi @ranjith ,

could you please explain me the if condition .

@priya_joshi_thaneti You have asked to send mails depending upon the country. I’ve placed IF statement to check the country name.

In IF statement im verifying the country name from the input sheet with the country name to be verified with.